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Meet the Musicians

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Kevin Owen, horn

Oct 24 2018

What instruments do you play?
French horn, Wagner tuba, piano

What is your educational background?
Graduated from Boston University in 1983

When did you start playing for the PSO? And where else do you perform?
PSO Third Horn 1988-91
PSO Second Horn 2014 – present

Where did you grow up?
Various places in upstate New York

Where do you currently live?
Medford, MA

Family, Pets, Kids:
Wife – Asako Shibata
Kids – Abraham 25, Jacob 24, Isaac, 24, Beatrice 22.
Two cats, Julius and Luna

Describe a typical day.
Run or work out in AM, 1st practice session if no rehearsal, and there usually is, so it’s probably driving or walking or the bus. Afternoon – practice, arrange music, take a nap, get ready for the show. Evening – most nights a show or concert

What is your favorite PSO memory to date?
I always have a good time playing with the PSO

How did you get started in music?
I failed at becoming a football star, class president, smartest kid in class or chess prodigy. Music seemed the natural choice.

What is the most frequently asked question when you tell someone that you play for the PSO?

If you couldn’t be a musician, what would be your dream job?
Train engineer!

What is your favorite music? What are you currently listening to?
I like far too much music to designate any of it as “my favorite”.
I almost never listen to music outside work, especially “work” music, with one exception. I listen to lots and lots of electronic/ambient type music, courtesy of my children, who introduced me to the stuff.

What are your hobbies?
I buy beat-up old French horns, cut them up into parts, and try to make better French horns out of them. I compose and arrange music and write scripts, including the 2017 Portland Symphony Brass Quintet KinderKonzert, Burt Dow, Deep-Water Man, and some short arrangements for the Rhode Island Philharmonic Educational Concerts.

What/where are your favorite places to eat in Portland?
I’m not adventurous in Portland. For me it’s either Hannafords or Sebago Brewery.

My favorite thing to do in Portland (besides playing with the PSO) is walking around the city, especially close to the harbor. Never gotten sick of it. No time to waste sitting around in restaurants!

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