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Let your child’s imagination take wing with our family concert exploring the Magic of Flight. Buy your tickets here.


Interactive concerts that share the fun & fundamentals of symphony music

These early-age performances are scaled to engage K-3rd grade students while providing an introductory overview of orchestral instruments and music. Storytelling themes are often used to sustain the interest and attention of this young audience throughout these 35-40 minute performances. KinderKonzerts are held at various locations throughout the state and are performed more than 50 times per season.

To host one of these entertaining educational programs, email: PSO Director of Education and Community Development John Elliot at jelliott@portlandsymphony.org or call (207) 773-6128 ext 308.


Woodwinds: Song Soup

Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, and teamwork. It doesn’t take much to make a great piece of music. This highly interactive show, performed by the PSO Woodwind section is all about the parts of music and songs get made. 


Strings: Under the Sea with Swimmy

Performed by the PSO String Quintet, this performance needs the audiences help to tell the musical story of Swimmy, a fish who gets lost in a big ocean. Along the way Swimmy meets many different animals living under the water, but should he be afraid of them? The musicians of the PSO String Quintet need your help to match the music with the animal in this ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style performance.

1718 petting zoo horn

Brass: A Day at the Zoo

Join the PSO Brass Quintet as they tell the story of their first day at the zoo. Featuring the Saint-Sean’s Carnival of the Animals this program is all about the music of mother nature. 


Percussion: Instruments In the House

Soda can shakers, cardboard box tambourines, and soup can xylophones. Every household is filled with an entire percussion if you are looking hard enough! Join the PSO percussion section as they show off some of their favorite household musical instruments.

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Meet the PSO’s 2019-20 Music Director


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Take me to the dream


Stephen Mulligan, guest conductor


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The Tradition Returns

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