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Staff & Board

Photo of PSO Administrative Staff

Portland Symphony Orchestra Phone:


Executive Director Carolyn Nishon, ext. 303 cnishon (at) portlandsymphony.org

Group Sales & Patron Services Manager Kayla Adelman, ext. 301 kadelman (at) portlandsymphony.org

Director of Finance Beth Ansheles, ext. 302 bansheles (at) portlandsymphony.org

Concert Manager Joe Boucher, ext. 400 jboucher (at) portlandsymphony.org

Donor Relations & Database Manager Lindsay Chard, ext. 311 lchard (at) portlandsymphony.org

Annual Fund & Leadership Gifts Officer Lindsay Conrad, ext. 316 lconrad (at) portlandsymphony.org

Director of Education & Community Engagement John Elliott, ext. 308 jelliott (at) portlandsymphony.org

Director of Marketing & Communications Gusta Johnson, ext. 402 gjohnson (at) portlandsymphony.org

Graphic & Digital Designer Sarah A. McCullough, ext. 310 smccullough (at) portlandsymphony.org

Special Events Manager & Board Liaison Melanie Morse, ext. 305 mmorse (at) portlandsymphony.org

Music Librarian Jared Rex, ext. 313 jrex (at) portlandsymphony.org

Lead Volunteer Kathy Reyering volunteer (at) portlandsymphony.org

Director of Development Leah Robertson, ext. 304 lrobertson (at) portlandsymphony.org

Finance Coordinator Sarah Sullivan, ext. 302 ssullivan (at) portlandsymphony.org

Director of Artistic Operations Eva Tartaglia, ext. 312 etartaglia (at) portlandsymphony.org

Orchestra Personnel Manager & Community Programs Assistant Martin Webster, ext 314 mwebster (at) portlandsymphony.org

Usher Coordinator Faith York, ext. 315 psoushers (at) aol.com

Board of Trustees


Janice P. Gerry


Rick Abbondanza
Sally Bancroft
Ken Blaschke
James D. Konkel
Mary B. Neal
Wendy Suehrstedt
Kathryn P. Whitmore


Stephanie Bowe
Carole Case
Dan Crewe
Lucas Desmond
Vicki J. Gordan
Elizabeth Mitchell Hunt
Gretchen Johnson
James P. Karen
Judith Lee
Kimberly Lehmann
David Leopold
Gregory Link
Nicola Morris
Kenny Nelson
Matthew Charles O’Reilly
Elizabeth Osborn
Jen Segal
Marcia Sharp
Lendall Smith


Colleen Khoury, Chair
Jerry Angier
Jonathan W. Ayers
Susan Dench
Austin H. Farrar
Karen E. Foster
Vincent E. Furey, Jr.
Deborah Galarneau
Ed Gardner
Phyllis Givertz
Jerome F. Goldberg
Lynn Goldfarb
Linda L. Graffam
Deborah F. Hammond
Peter Haynes
Anne Jackson
Jerry W. Johnston
Jeff Kane
Senator George Mitchell
Robert Nanovic
Leonard M. Nelson
Merle Nelson
Mary P. Nelson
Herb Paris
Sam Parkhill
Norman Rapkin
Jack Riddle
Sally Serunian
Ed Simensky
Ann Spaulding
Patricia Spock
William Thornton
Lyle Voss

Verrill, General Counsel


Jeremiah D. Newbury
Peter S. Plumb

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PSO Resiliency Fund

Help us ensure we have the ability to serve our community both now, and when we return to the stage.

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