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Staff & Board

Portland Symphony Orchestra Phone:


Executive Director
Carolyn Nishon, ext. 161
cnishon (at) portlandsymphony.org

Director of Finance
Jennie Ryan, ext. 162
jryan (at) portlandsymphony.org

Finance Coordinator
Alyson Spencer-Reed, ext. 130
aspencerreed (at) portlandsymphony.org

Director of Development
Leah Robertson, ext. 165
lrobertson (at) portlandsymphony.org

Donor Relations & Database Manager
Andrea Cole, ext. 169
acole (at) portlandsymphony.org

Special Events Manager & Board Liaison
Hillary Winslow, ext. 173
hwinslow (at) portlandsymphony.org

Annual Fund Manager
Sara Hallie Richardson, ext. 174
shallierichardson (at) portlandsymphony.org

Major Gifts Officer
Michelle Zichella, ext. 175
mzichella (at) portlandsymphony.org

Director of Learning & Community Impact
McKenzie Blanchard, ext. 166
mblanchard (at) portlandsymphony.org

Director of Marketing & Communications
Allison Page, ext. 163
apage (at) portlandsymphony.org

Marketing Manager
Kayla Adelman, ext. 171
kadelman (at) portlandsymphony.org

Graphic Designer
Sarah A. McCullough
smccullough (at) portlandsymphony.org

House Manager
Zoe Pancic
zpancic (at) portlandsymphony.org

Director of Artistic Operations
Eva Tartaglia, ext. 164
etartaglia (at) portlandsymphony.org

Orchestra Personnel Manager & Grant Writer
Martin Webster, ext. 172
mwebster (at) portlandsymphony.org

Production Manager
Liz Shapiro, (970) 309-9585
lshapiro (at) portlandsymphony.org

Music Librarian
Lucas Goodman, ext. 168
lgoodman (at) portlandsymphony.org

Direct Sales
SMART, Strategic Marketing for the Arts

Board of Trustees


Colleen Khoury


Rick Abbondanza
Lucas Desmond
Vicki J. Gordan
Gretchen Johnson
Mary B. Neal
Breda White


Tony Alaimo
Sally Bancroft
Talya Edlund
Omar Hasan
Peter Haynes
Michael Johnson
Richard Kelly
Holly Sargent
Jen Segal
Lendall Smith
Nate Stevens
Wendy Suehrstedt
Olivier te Boekhorst
John Tanzer
William Thornton
Seth Webber
April Ylvisaker Tardiff


Peter S. Plumb


Sally Bancroft, Chair
Jonathan W. Ayers
Ken Blaschke
Stephanie Bowe
Carole Case
Harper Lee Collins
Dan Crewe
Susan Dench
Austin H. Farrar
Karen Foster
Vincent E. Furey, Jr.
Deborah Galarneau
Ed Gardner
Gordon Gayer
Janice P. Gerry
Phyllis Givertz
Jerome F. Goldberg
Linda L. Graffam
Jerry W. Johnston
Jeffrey D. Kane
James Karen
Gregory Link
Senator George Mitchell
Robert Nanovic
Kenny Nelson
Leonard M. Nelson
Mary P. Nelson
Merle Nelson
Elisabeth (Ellie) Osborn
Herbert Paris
John I. Riddle
Sally Ann Serunian
Ed Simensky
Ann E. Spaulding
Patricia Spock
Carlyle Voss
Kay Whitmore

Verrill, General Counsel

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2425 chamber series

Announcing the all new Chamber Series

In honor of its 100th anniversary season, the Portland Symphony Orchestra steps beyond Merrill Auditorium and brings the music to you.

This all-new Chamber Music series celebrates the intimate and artistically vibrant nature of small musician led groups as they perform on stages throughout the state of Maine.


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full stage eckart conducting

Never been to a symphony before? Don’t worry, we’re here to help

Find the answers to all the questions about the orchestra you may be too afraid to ask!

Read our First Timer’s Guide

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Bring your class to a youth concert

Coming in 2025… The Portland Symphony Orchestra partners with Carnegie Hall to present Link Up: The Orchestra Sings! Link Up is a fully participatory, school-day concert program. Students will fill Merrill Auditorium to sing, play recorders, move, and listen along with the symphony from their seats. This program is designed for students in grades 3-5 but all are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Learn more

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Sarah Atwood

your gift matters

Ticket sales cover only a portion of what it takes to produce the PSO’s artistic and education programs. Your generous support is vital in helping us deliver music programs that serve children and adult listeners.


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Meet the PSO’s Music Director


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FullHall (2)

Help keep the arts alive in Maine

Be an Arts Hero

Learn More