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Share in the pride of knowing you are helping Maine’s premiere Symphony thrive.

Volunteering for the Portland Symphony Orchestra offers the opportunity to become more engaged in the Symphony and its service to the community. Interact with our musicians and staff, fellow Symphony volunteers, and learn how the Symphony works behind the scenes.

Our volunteers are comprised of men and women from a diverse array of ages and backgrounds. We have a variety of important tasks that appeal to varying levels of skill and time commitment.

If you would like to volunteer at the PSO, or if you would like any further information, please contact us at volunteer@portlandsymphony.org or (207) 773-6128. We look forward to your involvement in our volunteer activities!


Ushering for PSO

The PSO has a long history of dedicated ushers, and the volunteer position is extremely popular.

If you are interested in exploring ushering for the PSO, think ahead! You must first be certified by the City of Portland as a Merrill Auditorium usher. Contact Merrill’s usher coordinator, Chris Farwell at chris@portlandmaine.gov and ask to be notified of the next usher orientation program (which always takes place in the fall). Everyone must complete this program in order to be eligible to usher for any program at Merrill.

After you’ve been certified, contact PSO Usher Coordinator Faith York at psoushers@aol.com and ask to be added to the PSO usher list specifically. Unfortunately, since the fall orientation always occurs after the PSO usher schedule has been set for the season, new usher prospects will be put on the waiting list until the following season. (In rare occasions, new ushers may be called for a performance, but this is uncommon.) There is always a need for additional Magic of Christmas ushers and as an usher on the waiting list, there is a strong likelihood that you would be called for that.

Please note: The list of available ushers increases every year, and it is likely that your time on the waiting list may be even longer than one year. In order to remain eligible to usher, all ushers, active or not, must take the Merrill refresher course every fall. In order to adequately staff Magic of Christmas performances, all regular ushers must work at least three Magic performances to remain eligible to usher other PSO performances.

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Meet the PSO’s Music Director


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PSO Passport

Your Gateway to Great Music!

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Get an in-depth look at how the musicians prepare for a concert.

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Help keep the arts alive in Maine

Be an Arts Hero

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PSO Resiliency Fund

Help us ensure we have the ability to serve our community both now, and when we return to the stage.

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PSO Notes From Home

Watch as the amazing musicians of your Portland Symphony Orchestra bring music, instrument demonstrations, and more from their homes to yours!

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