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The Telling Rooms Movement I

Jan 10 2019

The Happiest Color




The Happiest Color 

Aubrey Duplissie 


It was the jacket 

That defended the boy 

From cascading rain, while 

Mother observed from foggy windows 


It coated the bus 

He rode for the first time 

While his parents watched, 

Hand in hand 


It was there on sweltering summer days, 

Within his lemonade stand, 

And staining his mother’s hands 

From hours of squeezing 


Then it was the fish 

In the aquarium, 

But he focused on a girl, 

And it was her hair too 


It was the diamond danger sign 

His car skidded past, 

The wheels screeching 

As they fought to stay on course 


It was the color left, 

Scratched onto the guardrail 

When it split in two 

And his car went tumbling down 


When his mother learned 

She was sitting in a room 

Of that color 

And it filled her vision 


It tortured her with memories 

Of a boy she once had 

As her stomach turned 

And terrible words filled her ears 


But then- 

It was the dappled leaves, 

Falling from the heavens 

Exactly one year later 


It was his favorite color 

That now graced the earth 

And suddenly, 

She didn’t know how to feel 

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