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Meet the Instruments

Meet the instruments with members of the PSO!

Meet the Bass

PSO bassist, Margaret Ann Metcalf introduces you to the bass, the lowest member of the string family.

How to Make a French Horn

PSO horn player Kevin Owen takes you through his home studio where he not only practices, but also builds real French horns



Meet the Bassoon

Meet PSO Principal Bassoonist Janet Polk as she takes you on a guided tour of her favorite instrument, the bassoon! How big is a bassoon? How does it make sound? What does it sound to play a song on the bassoon? Watch to find out!


Meet the Cello

Meet PSO cellist Dick Noyes and he takes you on a guided tour of one of the orchestra most versatile and beautiful instruments, the cello. You will learn about the different parts of the instrument, how instruments in the string family make sound, and even a special song that you can sing along with!


Meet the French Horn

Kevin Owen of the PSO horn section takes you on a guided tour of of the oldest and most powerful instruments, the french horn. You will learn about the different parts of the instrument, how instruments in the brass family make sound, and some special techniques that horn players use to create a wide variety of colors and sounds in the orchestra!



Meet the Oboe

In this video, PSO Principal Oboe Amanda Hardy takes you three all of the parts of the oboe including how reeds are made.

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2425 chamber series

Announcing the all new Chamber Series

In honor of its 100th anniversary season, the Portland Symphony Orchestra steps beyond Merrill Auditorium and brings the music to you.

This all-new Chamber Music series celebrates the intimate and artistically vibrant nature of small musician led groups as they perform on stages throughout the state of Maine.


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full stage eckart conducting

Never been to a symphony before? Don’t worry, we’re here to help

Find the answers to all the questions about the orchestra you may be too afraid to ask!

Read our First Timer’s Guide

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Bring your class to a youth concert

Coming in 2025… The Portland Symphony Orchestra partners with Carnegie Hall to present Link Up: The Orchestra Sings! Link Up is a fully participatory, school-day concert program. Students will fill Merrill Auditorium to sing, play recorders, move, and listen along with the symphony from their seats. This program is designed for students in grades 3-5 but all are welcome and encouraged to participate!

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Sarah Atwood

your gift matters

Ticket sales cover only a portion of what it takes to produce the PSO’s artistic and education programs. Your generous support is vital in helping us deliver music programs that serve children and adult listeners.


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Meet the PSO’s Music Director


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